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Prices and Special Offers

Session prices

If booked and PAID by BACS in advance:
Child £6 (with one free adult), extra adult £2, pre walkers £3 (over 12 months), babies under 12 months free when attending with a paying adult or paying sibling (note age increase from 6 months).

If booked on the day, or paying by cash:
Child £7 (with one free adult), extra adult £3, pre walkers £4 (over 12 months), babies under 12 months free when attending with a paying adult or paying sibling (note age increase from 6 months).

We also have Bulk Buy and Gift Vouchers available to purchase:
Bulk Buy £25 for 5 child entry tickets (valid for 6 months)
Gift Vouchers £10 for 2 child entry tickets (valid for 3 months)

Any questions about any of the above just get in touch! Email

March Dates

Our March opening dates are as follows:

Wednesday 21st
Thursday 22nd
Sunday 25th
Monday 26th
Tuesday 27th

See the booking links to book your place!

April Dates

Our April opening dates are as follows:

Wednesday 18th
Thursday 19th
Friday 20th
Monday 23rd
Tuesday 24th
Friday 27th
Saturday 28th
Monday 30th

See the booking links to book your place!

Loyalty Card

5 child tickets valid for 12 months £25 (payable by BACS). Loyalty cards can now be used for multiple children (siblings/cousins/friends/ childminders etc.)

Contact admin on for more details.


Whilst the car park is full of mud and leaves, please ensure you park as close to Imagineville (the bungalow) as possible. The car right outside our front door can be ‘blocked’ in as it is our staff member’s.

We are asking that everyone please removes their shoes upon arrival at Imagineville so as not to bring the mud and leaves in with you! You will be asked to please leave them on our shoe rack so feel free to bring slippers or extra socks to wear.

Please also take care in the car park as there are some very big potholes and uneven ground. Do be aware that the nursery we rent the building from have large numbers of staff and parents that come and go all day, so please leave ‘the roundabout’ completely free.

Thank you!

C.A.K.E and Imagineville join forces again!

We are delighted to have been invited back to C.A.K.E to run another Imagineville pop up session! We will be there on 5th April 11am-1.30pm.

We will be running an Easter quiz for older children and an Easter egg hunt for the little ones. There will also be a small Easter present from Imagineville and the NCT.

Booking is not essential however we do recommend it to ensure you get a space at this popular session, and to make sure we have enough Easter pressies! Book online here or read more about this event via our Facebook page.

Hopefully see you there!

Imagineville Cancellation Policy

  • Payment is due at least 48 hours before your confirmed session is due to start.
  • If payment is not received 48 hours before your session time, management reserve the right to offer your space to the waiting list.
  • If notice is received more than 24 hours prior to the start of your booked session, we can try and move your booking to an alternative date and time subject to availability.
  • If your session is cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice before your session time, management reserve the right to deduct a booking fee which will be half of your total booking cost.

What our visitors say

How your session at Imagineville will work

As an experienced teacher Kate knows that good play sessions keep to time, and have clear ‘rules’ 🙂

Here is Kate’s ‘plan’ for a perfect Imagineville session.

1. Doors open promptly at 9.30am, 10am, 11.30am or 1.30pm. You need to sign in ASAP after entering Imagineville.

2. Parent/s and carer/s have FULL responsibility for their child at all times.

3. Children can play in any area, within the two rooms. Doors to outside areas remain closed.

4. Emergency exits are listed in the entrance hall. Please look at the list.

5. The front door must be safely locked from the inside, using just the TOP twist lock.

6. The fire exit to the back garden is kept closed, using just the twist lock under the ‘emergency exit bar’. Please be careful not to lean on /open this door during the play session – the steps outside are VERY steep, and the ground at the back is very wet.

7. The door to the patio area will remain closed (using the top twist lock only) during winter. This door can’t be used as an emergency exit (unless all other exits are blocked) because the patio is currently fenced off with no gate.

8. The toilets are located close to the entrance (please keep main toilet door closed at all times as crawling babies move between rooms).

9. We have a cesspit here at Imagineville that we share with the nursery (old Tudor building), so DO NOT put anything other than small amounts of toilet paper into toilets. We have provided bins and nappy bags (for nappies and sanitary pads etc). Please use the bins located in each toilet cubicle, NOT the main bathroom bin where handtowels go. The paper handtowels will block the toilets (and you will be charged if we need to call out a specialist to clear the blockage).

10. Both toilets are unisex and are adult sized; there is one toddler seat (Thomas tank engine) for children who are toilet training. There are also two potties – for those children who find these easier to sit on.

11. Please note – no ‘climbing’ on any furniture in any part of the building. If babies / small toddlers need help getting onto ‘bigger’ chairs, please make sure you are supervising your child at all times.

12. For the first hour of your allocated session, you can purchase hot or cold drinks, and snacks for adults and children (CASH ONLY). Please be VERY careful if moving around with HOT drinks – we have provided coasters and table space to keep them out of children’s way.

13. Approx 10mins before the end of your session staff will ring a bell. We like to give children this warning, and we also think it’s good to encourage them to ‘help’ tidy up. We would love some adult help and encouragement for your child to at least try and put some of the toys back in the areas where they ‘belong’. Staff will be on hand to assist.

14. During the tidy-up time can adults also please bring any empty cups to the main table, or give to staff, and start collecting your belongings.

15. Prompt leaving at the end of your session (11am /1pm /3pm) is necessary because staff need to clean and reset the rooms before the next session.

16. Any deliberate breakages of toys, equipment etc may be charged to the adult responsible for the child. Rude and abusive language, or play, may result in your party being asked to leave immediately.

17. All accidents, spillages, breakages, issues, or problems within Imagineville must be reported to staff immediately. The first aider is KATHERINE (KATE) PHILLIPS.

18. We are a start-up facility and welcome feedback. We will try to accommodate / address any issues that you raise.

19. FINALLY – PLEASE ENJOY YOURSELVES. We want you and your child to have fun, and an opportunity to meet people, network, and make friends.

November 2016