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Pop Up Dates!

We will be holding pop up sessions at Infinity – Space to Grow, every Friday. We currently have the following sessions available to book:

Friday 20th September
9.30-11am – Private Party

Friday 27th September

Book your place using the “Book here” button above!

Prices and Special Offers

Session prices

£8.50 per child including one free adult


£7.50 per child for multiple children (including one free adult per paying child)


Twins, Multiple birth groups and registered Childminders will be £6.50 per child (discounts available for multiple children) – payable via BACS


Babies (under 6 months) are FREE – but must be counted in group total

Extra adult £2

Pre-walker (over 6 months) £3


Above prices include free tea/coffee for adults

Also juice/water available for children

Other drinks and snacks are available to purchase but carry a surcharge


PLEASE NOTE: When booking, please read the green notes under the ticket section, to ensure you are booking for ALL spaces needed, including all adults and babies.

To discuss group bookings, private parties, or for questions about any of the above just get in touch! Email Kate on

Loyalty Card

5 child tickets valid for 6 months. Loyalty cards can be used for multiple children (siblings/cousins/friends/childminders etc.)

Loyalty card (LC)

£6.60 per entry (£33 for 5 tickets in advance by BACS)

Contact admin on for more details.

Painty Pots Sessions

Kate will be helping out with the Painty Pots sessions on Thursdays, reading stories while the children wait for their pottery to dry!

More information on the Painty Pots sessions can be found on the Facebook page at .

Imagineville Cancellation Policy

You are able to move your Imagineville session in Bookwhen once, up to 48 hours before the session starts. After this time you will have to contact Kate directly on 07886 598 706. If your place can’t be filled from the waiting list we reserve the right to charge you for the full session.

What our visitors say

How your session at Imagineville will work

As an experienced teacher Kate knows that good play sessions keep to time, and have clear ‘rules’!

Here is Kate’s ‘plan’ for a perfect Imagineville session:

  1. Parking – only permitted in our car park which is in front of the main entrance doors (behind the Linden Homes storage). There are metal barriers that can also be parked in front of and behind. However, please don’t park on any grass/kerb areas around our car park. Also not down the side of our building, not by the cones or by the front door as this is needed for access at all times.
  2. Doors open promptly at start of session. No one is allowed to enter Imagineville’s room before a staff member invites you in. You can enter the building (The Nest) a few minutes before your session begins and either visit the toilet or sit in the waiting room (if space). Please do not block the entrance corridor if you do arrive early, as this is the fire exit and corridor for everyone visiting other businesses, not just Imagineville.
  3. All bags and shoes (adults’ and children’s) need to be left in the designated area. You are welcome to bring socks or slippers to change into. When leaving Imagineville’s room (to visit the toilet, baby changing or shared lounge) you must put shoes back on.
  4. You need to sign in ASAP after entering Imagineville, checking that all children (including babies’ names) and adults are included on the register in case of emergencies.
  5. Parent/s and carer/s have FULL responsibility for the child/ren and belongings at all times. Imagineville and The Nest cannot be held accountable for any losses or injuries that occur while you are visiting us.
  6. There is very little room inside The Nest or Imagineville for pushchairs or car seats. If you walk you will be asked to collapse your pushchair and leave folded. Please ask where to store them. There are no bikes or scooters allowed inside.
  7. Children can play within the main Imagineville room and are encouraged to keep away from the shoes/tables where adults may have food or drinks. NO food, drink or bags are allowed in the play area. Please ask if you are unsure where these areas are.
  8. Emergency exit is the main double doors where you entered Imagineville, please be aware of the single step as you enter/exit. The bars on the windows are to remain unlocked and pulled apart slightly in case we need to evacuate through the ‘middle’ window, which should also be unlocked (maybe closed but handles should lift open if needed).
  9. The main entrance into Imagineville’s room may sometimes be ‘held’ open but if closed will remain unlocked so please do not allow any children to go out to the toilet, baby change or The Nest Lounge area unaccompanied. The front entrance to the whole building will be unlocked at all times, as other visitors and businesses will need constant access. This leads straight out into the car park area.
  10. The toilets are located to the left of the building’s entrance, directly opposite the doors to Imagineville’s room. They are both unisex toilets and doors are to remain closed please. Please note that NO SANITARY PRODUTS should be flushed down the toilet. There will be a special sanitary rubbish bin located in the left hand side toilet (closest to the main entrance).
  11. There is a baby changing unit in The Nest’s shared lounge area further down the corridor just past the kitchen entrance. PLEASE NOTE NO NAPPIES CAN BE LEFT IN ANY BIN AT THE NEST SO PLEASE TAKE THESE HOME WITH YOU FOR DISPOSAL.
  12. Please note – no ‘climbing’ on any furniture in any part of the building. If babies / small toddlers need help getting onto ‘bigger’ chairs, please make sure you are supervising your child at all times.
  13. Refreshments are available (some included in the entrance price, others have additional charge). Please be VERY careful if moving around with HOT drinks – we have provided coasters and table space to keep them out of children’s way. NO FOOD OR DRINK FOR ADULTS OR CHILDREN ALLOWED IN MAIN PLAY AREA – please ask if you are unsure.
  14. Photos are permitted but please ensure you only photograph your own child/ren and check there are no other children, even in the background of your pictures.
  15. Approx 10mins before the end of your session staff will ring a bell. We like to give children this warning, and we also think it’s good to encourage them to ‘help’ tidy up. We would love some adult help and encouragement for your child to at least try and put some of the toys back in the areas where they ‘belong’. Staff will be on hand to assist.
  16. During the tidy-up time can adults also please bring any empty cups to the main table, or give to staff, and start collecting your belongings.
  17. Prompt leaving at the end of your session from Imagineville’s room is necessary because staff need to clean and reset the room before the next session. The toilets can be used on the way out of the building but all personal belongings and shoes must be removed from Imagineville’s room first, as the door will be closed while cleaning for the next session. There is a lounge area that breastfeeding mums can use if this is required after the bell has been rung.
  18. Any deliberate breakages of toys, equipment etc may be charged to the adult responsible for the child. Rude and abusive language, or play, may result in your party being asked to leave immediately.
  19. All accidents, spillages, breakages, issues, or problems within Imagineville must be reported to staff immediately. The first aider is KATHERINE (KATE) PHILLIPS.
  20. This is a new venue working with MANY other visitors, customers and businesses so we welcome any feedback. We will try to accommodate / address any issues that you raise.
  21. FINALLY – PLEASE ENJOY YOURSELVES. We want you and your child to have fun, and an opportunity to meet people, network, and make friends.


July 2018